tempo Traveller Booking in Varanasi
12 Seater Tempo Traveller Booking in Varanasi

Tempo Traveller in Varanasi

Embarking on a journey to immerse oneself in the grandeur of spirituality? Venture to Varanasi, a city exuding enchantment and narrating a captivating tale. Varanasi stands as one of the most sacred urban landscapes, adorned with a plethora of sanctuaries, riverbanks, and sanctums—an epitome crafted for those yearning to forge a connection with the divine and solicit divine blessings. This majestic locale, cocooned in tranquil environs, is poised to leave its visitors utterly entranced. The prevailing belief asserts that this locale possesses the potency to expunge all transgressions from one’s soul and physique alike. Irrespective of whether you are a neophyte sojourner or a seasoned pilgrim, Varanasi seamlessly synchronizes heart and soul in a symphony of spiritual resonance. For an optimal serenity immersion, secure the services of a rented tempo traveller in Varanasi, ensuring a seamless and opulent mode of transportation.

Facilitating convenient pick-up and drop-off amenities, Tempo Travellers Booking Varanasi tempo traveler rental services in Varanasi guarantee a superlative premium experience at judiciously economical rates.

Hire Tempo Traveller for 12 Passengers

In catering to the travel requirements of both extensive and intimate groups, the tempo traveler emerges as the quintessential choice. Whether your assembly comprises nine or nineteen individuals, our Varanasi-based tempo traveler reservation stands as the optimal resolution. The pursuit of comfort, generous spatial arrangements, and seats designed for relaxation becomes a universal demand during extended journeys. The tempo traveler graciously mitigates the weariness associated with prolonged voyages, thanks to its commodious and ergonomically crafted seating, allowing passengers the liberty to stretch not just their legs but also their entire selves.

The ethos embraced by Tempo Travellers Booking transcends the mere act of driving. We extend bespoke services encompassing airport transfers, railway station conveyance, seamless transitions between your abode and chosen destination, active participation in corporate functions, scholastic events, or familial excursions. Entrust us, recline comfortably, and rely on the secure and dependable services provided by India’s foremost mobility facilitator.

Tempo traveller in Varanasi for Local Sightseeing

In the realm of Varanasi, the scope of exploration extends far beyond religious monuments, encompassing a tapestry of diverse attractions such as ghats, museums, forts, national parks, and more. This historic metropolis stands as a pivotal pilgrimage hub, a living embodiment of the opulent tapestry of Indian culture and devotion. Structures like the New Vishwanath Temple, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Tulsi Manas Temple, Monkey Temple, Alamgir Mosque, and others showcase a mosaic of architectural diversity. Venturing further, one encounters not only visually stunning landscapes but also the enchanting rituals of evening aartis performed at the city’s significant landmarks, the Ghats. Whether embarking on a familial journey or exploring in the company of friends, the 10-seater tempo traveller in Varanasi beckons, promising a blend of security and elegance.

Tempo Travellers Booking extends an invitation for patrons to recline in comfort, relinquishing the burdens of travel stress, and embracing a journey marked by sophistication and ease. Whether in pursuit of the one-way tempo traveller pricing in Varanasi or contemplating long-term car rentals, our streamlined booking systems empower you to select from a spectrum of vehicles, ensuring a straightforward and economical process.

Tempo traveller for weekend destinations in Varanasi

Amidst the ethereal and contemplative encounter with the urban expanse, one has the opportunity to venture beyond its confines. Whether seeking a swift retreat during weekend sojourns or desiring to explore distinctive attractions, Varanasi presents an array of possibilities. Bodh Gaya, Allahabad, Khajuraho, and Lucknow stand as salient waypoints in your travel itinerary, extending beyond the perimeter of Varanasi.

Embarking on a familial or collective expedition? Opting for the rental of a tempo traveler in Varanasi for distant excursions alleviates your apprehension and grants you extended moments of delight during your escapade. All our conveyances boast commendable amenities, ensuring a secure and dependable journey that imbues you with a profound sense of joy. The principal merit of engaging our services resides in the fact that these refined orientations come at a reasonable expense. We refute the notion that superior services necessitate an exorbitant outlay.

Tempo Traveller Hire on Rent Price

Tempo Traveller

Price Per Km


Driver Charge

Book Here

7 Seater

Rupees 14/-

6+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

8 Seater

Rupees 15/-

7+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

9 Seater

Rupees 16/-

8+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

10 Seater

Rupees 17/-

9+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

11 Seater

Rupees 17/-

10+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

12 Seater

Rupees 18/-

11+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

13 Seater

Rupees 18/-

12+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

14 Seater

Rupees 18/-

13+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

15 Seater

Rupees 18/-

14+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

16 Seater

Rupees 18/-

15+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

17 Seater

Rupees 18/-

16+1 D

Rupees 400/Day

18 Seater

Rupees 18/-

17+1 D

Rupees 500/Day

19 Seater

Rupees 19/-

18+1 D

Rupees 500/Day

20 Seater

Rupees 20/-

19+1 D

Rupees 500/Day

21 Seater

Rupees 21/-

20+1 D

Rupees 500/Day

22 Seater

Rupees 22/-

21+1 D

Rupees 500/Day

23 Seater

Rupees 24/-

22+1 D

Rupees 500/Day

24 Seater

Rupees 25/-

23+1 D

Rupees 500/Day

25 Seater

Rupees 26/-

24+1 D

Rupees 500/Day

26 Seater

Rupees 26/-

25+1 D

Rupees 500/Day

tempo Traveller Booking in Varanasi

Minimum Kilometer Limit 250 Km Why rent a Tempo Traveller?

In the delightful company of kin and comrades, the inclination is towards cherishing every fleeting moment, unburdened by vexations. Opting for the services of Varanasi’s Tempo Traveler reservations presents an avenue to journey with elegance, ensuring the comfortable accommodation of all companions.

A multitude of compelling rationales underscores the judicious employment of the Tempo Travellers Booking cab, particularly the Varanasi Tempo Traveler. Rooted in a heritage steeped in years of unwavering commitment to our guiding principles and values, we ardently adhere to the maxim of furnishing distinguished services with an emphasis on both luxury and security. Our fleet of vehicles stands as a versatile solution, catering adeptly to diverse travel requisites. Conceived to transport a cohort ranging from 9 to 20 individuals, this proves invaluable for corporate expeditions and familial sojourns alike. The 25-seater tempo traveler, a testament to our dedication, seamlessly accommodates the demands of clientele frequently traversing in communal groups.

Benefits of hiring Tempo traveller in Varanasi

Amidst sojourns to Varanas or any corner of India, we pledge to escort you with elegance and opulence through our economically viable Force traveller pricing in Varanasi. Our source of pride lies in presenting the zenith of automotive excellence, boasting arresting exteriors and sumptuous interiors.

Capacious and ergonomically designed seats, ensuring minimal fatigue. An option that amalgamates convenience and time efficiency seamlessly. Competitive pricing, computed per kilometre traversed. Inclusion of fundamental amenities within our vehicular domain. Exemplary customer services of a superior calibre. Stringent adherence to top-tier safety standards. Cognizant of the significance of professionalism, our chauffeurs embody it. Embark on an odyssey through the cultural and religious tapestry of Varanasi with a Tempo traveler, a conduit to exquisite life encounters. Tempo Travellers Booking stands as the definitive haven for your luxury car rental prerequisites. We extend a gamut of secure, dependable, and superlative premium customer services, all within a realm of affordability. Extend your queries to us via email at tempotravellersbooking@gmail.com or complete our online contact form, and we shall reciprocate with the most advantageous offers available.

Some Tempo Traveller Routes


 Absolutely! We recommend booking in advance to ensure vehicle availability.

Yes, you can make modifications. Contact our support team for assistance.

 Yes, our pricing covers most expenses. Any exceptions will be clearly communicated.

 While we love pets, please contact us beforehand to discuss arrangements.

 Our drivers monitor flight schedules, so they’ll adjust the pickup time accordingly.

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